Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tool 3-Finding Online Video and Image Resources

1.  After watching several KidTubes and TeacherTubes along with the Discovery Education I could envision students acquiring information through Discovery Education and then making their own KidTubes to express their understanding and learning of a subject area. 
2 Click to view Dancing Bones - .kid's tube  and in connection to this Discovery Education - Bones
3.  Educator must be careful, you must use videos for the purpose they were created.  Hum, does the media always do this?
4.  Dropbox is great but apparently we don't have access as the district hasn't decided to pay for this.  I am guessing the district has something else in mind like secure server sites.  I was able to download the app and add files.  I love that I can view these documents for any of my devices.  I am thinking that students could view or submit documents view this with the rights.

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