Friday, July 6, 2012

Tool #11 - Self Assessing and Reflecting

New tools have at times been a challenge but in the long run worth it. Dropbox has been useful to me and I am sure I will continue to use it for future projects.  This has allowed me to collect many different resources (photos, internet sites) for easy access with "in cloud" storage.  I am continuing to work on a new way to present the important new information for the transition campus EOP. I believe that using an online training with interactive capabilities will help implement these procedures.  After visiting with our counselor, we are looking into putting together some kind of ongoing presentation, maybe TRIBES like, that can be used at least monthly on "How we treat each other whether face to face or in cyberspace."  
The quest for the 21st Century Classroom will be ongoing as the world and its resources change.  The use to these technological tools embedded in rigorous instruction will have our learners moving in the right direction.  Coupling this district initiative with our campus initiative of CCP, should cause our classrooms to be a haven for self-determining learners while the avenues widened through the use of global learning.  I know as we continue to learn/explore these areas the reshaping, redefining, re-evaluating the setting, the how, the what, the outcome will change.  
Many of our staff have begun this journey which at times can feel like one step forward and two steps backwards.  The amazing part is that the students don't see these back steps as quite the dilemma we might. In fact, when given the underpinning of the concept, shared criteria for outcome they often find these setbacks tools to a better end result.  The thing that brings a smile to my face is when teachers/students talk about the amount of on task work students give to a project or even that students have on their own time crafted new more elaborate projects taking their learning to a higher more rigorous and often relevant level.  This researching, open discussion, evaluation of what they have created or found, looking to a wider audience for collaboration ...isn't that REAL learning?

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