Friday, July 6, 2012

Tool #6-Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion in and out of the Classroom

We use Sykpe in numerous ways on campus. Classrooms use it to visually and audibly communicate with others around the world. Classrooms have been in contact with others classrooms and experts to discuss the weather, the reaction to various current events or units of study. One of the collaborations we have and will continue to use is with our consultant, Dr. O'Flahavan. This venue has provided a very relaxed atmosphere for teachers to dialogue openly with the consultant to clarify and share successes and concerns. At least one of our grade levels uses Edmodo as a sort of Facebook for their students. They feel it is a safer venue than Facebook and have found the students as well as parents find this a very friendly way to communicate and collaborate. The teachers use the venue as a way to keep students and parent informed on the classroom learning, discussion board, collaborative discussions about various topics from core concepts to a book discussion. I would expect to see this or something similar showing up in other grade levels due to the openly discussed success of others. We have campus-wide used Google Calendar for posting important events that everyone needs. I would say that about 50% of our staff actually have remembered this tool but hopefully after the exposure this summer to the google doc tools and other collaborative sites we will see this increase. I think after using google docs, soon to be google drive, this summer I will turn to this as a collaborative site more often when creating campus wide documents/presentations. There were a couple of sites I need to use more when putting together presentations such as Prezi, Edmodo, etc.

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