Friday, July 6, 2012

Tool #8 Taking a Look at the Tools

This initiative is so exciting and the future of learning is wide open. Our teachers and students are excited about adding to their classroom tools.  Many classrooms have had access to netbooks, IPods, IPads in the past but the availability has been somewhat limited and these resources are heavily used.  We feel that adding more/newer devices will increase the students' use and their capability to consume, critic, create and collaborate with their peers/global peers, experts, and the world in general.  These new devices will also give access to grade levels which haven't had as many devices.  These resources will add to the level of directed and self-directed rigor in the classroom as we have found that when the students are actively involved in learning they tend to expect more of themselves than we would.  These resources, with their every widening choices, often open the door for students to far out preform the set expectations; thus opening our minds as well.  Exciting times are certain to come for all.
There are a couple of areas we need to work on which are in the areas of acceptable use and parent education.  At time we forget that even though our students' home usually have many devices the ethical/smart/safe use still needs to be explicitly taught as well as shared with parents.  Adding these devices gives us a new opportunity for reinforcing the acceptable use policy.
The excitement grows as I think of the widening of our classrooms to the universe.  Wow, what a time to be a learner!

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